World's Smallest Scripture:

Biblical Micro and Nano Technologies

Hologram Bible

The entire King James Bible is stored via laser on a nano-info hologram the size of a common snowflake.

microscopic and nano scripture

Everyone -- of all ages -- enjoys looking through the microscopes at scripture that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Microscopes on tables set-up

Microscopes containing the world's smallest scripture and Biblical art wait for visitors to arrive.

What you will see and learn ...

The world's smallest Bible

Our "Micro and Nano Technology" table top exhibits are very popular with all ages. Can you imagine Biblical scripture and art work that is so small that it cannot be seen by the human eye? We believe that our "Wonders of the Bible" collection contains the most incredible microscopic and nano technology scripture in the world today. Did you know that we owe the technology that we take for granted everyday today to the microscopic scripture from the 19th century? It's true! The Lord's Prayer was the reference standard for miniaturization for over 150 years. The photographic process of 19th century micro scripture eventually led to micro film. Micro film eventually led to micro lithography. And micro lithography eventually led to the printed circuit boards inside of today's desk top computers, tablets, and smart phones. The space age traces its roots back to 19th century microscopic scripture. This is a very interesting and popular EDUcational exhibit table. We guarantee that you've never seen anything like it before ... and you most likely will never see anything like it again. Why? Because many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind throughout the entire world. We were the ones responsible for re-popularizing microscopic scripture in the 21st century. We look forward to telling the fascinating stories behind all of these exhibit items, and providing the resources necessary for further learning and investigation. We would love to present to you! Call us at: (484) 387-5320. Our home base is Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Visitors to Wonders of the Bible

Wonders of the Bible: Our Prayer

Our prayer: "Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing and guiding our work. May it bring honor to Your name. May it inspire other Christians in their walk. May it reach and convict the perishing of this world, and help lead them to salvation. Amen."