The Genesis-Darwin Microfilm

Microfilm from 1875 shows the intent of Darwin evolutionists to rewrite and replace Biblical Genesis.

The Genesis-Darwin Microfilm

by Frank DeFreitas, Wonders of the Bible
February 2019

It is a piece of nineteenth century history, science and technology that could be right out of a spy novel: microfilm.

As many life-long collectors know, every so often an extraordinary piece comes onto the market that one has to add to their collection. This 19th century microfilm microphotograph shows the rewriting of the first chapter of Genesis. I consider myself blessed with good fortune to have become its current owner / guardian. As such, I will now share the story -- and the entire transcript of its content -- here for you, my dear reader.

Frank DeFreitas displays part of his microscopic scripture collection in 2019.
(above photo): Through my Wonders of the Bible collection, I collect the world's smallest Biblical scripture and art, utilizing microscopic and nano technologies. Here I am displaying part of my microscopic scripture collection, 2019. Click on photo for Hi-Res 3.4MB press file.

There are plenty of references online, pro and con, concerning whether the earth and mankind were created by God, or were left to spontaneous generation via natural processes. And it is not unusual in today's world to read how the first chapter of Genesis, which covers God's creation of the universe, should be rewritten according to Darwin's theory of evolution. It is, however, more difficult to find the aforementioned dated to the 19th century. With an abundance of material already aonline, I will not address those topics here. Nor do I have the authority to do so. My lifelong background is with lasers and holography.

Also, as a disclaimer, and with honesty being the best policy, I must state forthright that I am a student of the young earth creationism school. As such, I believe -- faithfully, historically, and scientifically -- that God created the universe in six literal days. And did so very recently. In the timeframe of 6,000 years ago. I also believe that a world-wide, catastrophic flood -- just as described in Genesis -- laid down the geological and fossil record. Therefore, I cannot guarantee any lack of bias in this reporting.

With that disclosure, I will now focus on a most singularly unique piece of scientific and technological history: a 19th century piece of microfilm. Properly termed microphotography, it was developed in the U.K. by microscopist John Benjamin Dancer. Later, via René Dagron, it was used during the Franco-Prussia war: carrier pigeons would fly battle plans, recorded as microphotographs, from headquarters to the battle field. Once there, the microfilm would be removed, and enlarged via microscope or projection onto a screen. This technological development would eventually lead to 20th century micro computer circuits that would take mankind to the moon and beyond.

You are using the current results by reading this via the internet on your screen.

Proof of Intention?
Looking at the state of affairs between creation and evolution camps, we find that there are those on the "side" of Biblical creation that feel the ultimate goal of Darwinism (and of those persons promoting it) was / is to supplant the Biblical account of creation: to rewrite, replace and eliminate the Biblical origins recorded in the first book of Moses, Genesis.

Evolutionists have written off these concerns in the past, attributing such claims to causes ranging from left-over Christian persecution complexes, to outright anti-evolution sentiment and paranoia.

However, in 2018, this rare, lost-to-history microfilm shows up -- from the 1800s, no less -- with the entire account of Genesis rewritten. According to ... you guessed it ... Darwinian evolution.

Illustration of René Dagron giving a demonstration of microphotography in 1870. Public Domain; Library of Congress.
(above photo): Illustration of René Dagron giving a demonstration of microphotography in 1870. Public Domain; Library of Congress.

One has to understand that microphotography was the highest level of imaging technology at the time. When shown at exhibitions -- such as the 1851 Great Exhibition of London -- people would stand in line for hours just to see one through the beautiful brass microscopes of the day.

I have found several published accounts pertaining to the text of this particular piece. It appears to have made its rounds as a newspaper item here in America in the mid- 1870's. One reference, kept in the Boston College Library, lists it as "The New Scriptures: According to Tyndall, Huxley, Spencer and Darwin." This title seems to have stuck, because many other newspapers that picked up on the story duplicated this exact wording in the title. So the intent of rewriting / replacing Biblical Genesis is not imaginary, nor is it recent. We can say with absolute certainty that it can be positively dates back to 1875.

The microfilm photograph itself was made by Edmund Wheeler of Great Britain. He was a successful manufacturer of high-end microscopes. Today, his antique brass microscopes can fetch up to several thousand dollars (US). This success allowed him to pursue his passion: public speaking / lecturing. He would travel and speak on various scientific topics around the U.K. (astronomy, optics, engineering, thermodynamics, entomology, etc.). He was well known on the scientific lecture circuits. If I were to offer a guess, I would say that he used and sold this and other microfilm slides during his lectures. At the time, microphotography was all the rage. If he were speaking on evolution, this would have been a perfect companion piece.

I cannot state that Edmund Wheeler was the author of the content. There is a very small notation at the bottom right of the microfilm itself which claims Wheeler as the copyright holder. This copyright might be for the actual microphotography, not authorship.

Frank DeFreitas transcribing the microfilm photographic slide from Edmund Wheeler in 1875.
(above photo): Here I am (Frank DeFreitas) transcribing the 1875 microfilm photographic slide.

So I recently sat down at my own microscope and began to transcribe the microfilm. And here is the content. Perhaps it was written tongue-in-cheek: a sort of satire on the debate between evolutionist and anti-evolutionist, or creationist and anti-creationist. One way or the other, I believe that it provides hard, indisputable physical evidence of an intention to undermine the creation account of the Holy Bible. Or it never would have been written in the first place. Imagine the audacity of taking it upon oneself to completely rewrite the very Words of God -- and removing any reference to God. Take a moment to try and wrap your head around that. May the Lord have mercy on its author. Galatians 6:7-8 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting."

THE TEXT (as recorded onto the microdot slide):

Genesis Chapter 1 -- New Version -- A.D. 1875

1: The creation of heaven and earth; 3: of the light and the firmament; 4: of the earth separated from the waters; 8: and made fruitful in grass and every herb; 9: producing fish and fowl; 10: beasts and cattle; 15: and lastly, man.

1. PRIMARILY the Unknowable moved upon cosmos and evolved protoplasm.
2. And protoplasm was inorganic and undifferentiated, containing all things in potential energy; and a spirit of evolution moved upon the fluid mass.
3. And the Unknowable said, Let atoms attract; and their contact begat light, heat, and electricity.
4. And the Unconditioned differentiated the atoms, each after its kind; and their combinations begat rock, air, and water.
5. And there went out a spirit of evolution from the Unconditioned, and working in protoplasm, by accretion and absorption, produced the organic cell.

Label the microfilm photographic slide from Edmund Wheeler in 1875.
Label affixed to the microfilm photographic slide from Edmund Wheeler in 1875.

6. And cell by nutrition evolved germ, and germ developed protogene, and protogene begat eozoon, and eozoon begat monad, and monad begat animalcule.
7. And animalcule begat ephemers; then began creeping things to multiply on the face of the earth.
8. And earthly atom in vegetable protoplasm begat the molecule, and thence came all grass and every herb in the earth.
9. And animalcule in the water evolved fins, tails, claws, and scales; and in the air wings and beaks; and on the land they sprouted such objects as were necessary, as played upon by the environment.

Actual 1875 slide of the microfilm photo, arrow shows microphotograph.
(above photo): Actual 1875 slide of the microfilm photo. Arrow shows microphotograph.

10. And by accretion and absorption came the fadiata and molluscsa, and mollusca begat articulata, and articulata begat vertebrata.
11. Now these are the generation of the higher vertebrata, in the cosmic period that the Unknowable evoluted the bipedal mammalia.
12. And every man of the earth, while he was yet a monkey, and the horse while he was a hipparion, and hipparion before he was an oredon.
13. Out of the aseidian came the amphibian, and begat the pentadactyle; and the pentadactyle by inheritance and selection produced the hylobate, from which are the simiadae in all their tribes.
14. And out of the simiadae the lemur prevailed above his fellows, and produced the platyrhine monkey.

Darwin evolutionary Stromatolites
(above photo): The 19th century microscope quickly became one of the go-to examination tools for early Darwinian evolutionists. Stromatolites are the earliest known fossils on earth. They are given an age of 3.4 billion years by evolutionary biologists and old earth creationists. For young earth creationists, they became manifest during a literal six-day creation week, six thousand years ago, along with everything on earth and in space.

15. And the platyrhine begat the catarrhine, and the catarrhine monkey begat the anthropoid ape, and the ape begat the longimanous orang, and the orang begat the chimpanzee, and the chimpanzee evolved the what-it-is.
16. And the what-it-is went into the land of Nod and took him a wife of the longimanous gibbons.
17. And in process of the cosmic period were born unto them and their children the anthropomorphic primordial types.
18. The homunculus, the prognathous, the troglodyte, and autochthon, the teragem -- these are the generations of the primeval man.
19. And primeval man was naked and not ashamed, but lived in quadrumanous innocence, and struggled mightily to harmonize with the environment.
20. And by inheritance and natural selection did he progress from the stable and homogeneous to the complex and heterogeneous -- for the weakest died and the strongest grew and multiplied.

Yet another view of the Darwin / Genesis microphotograph slide.
Another view of the Darwin / Genesis microphotograph slide.

21. And man grew a thumb for that he had need of it, and developed capacities for prey.
22. For behold, the swiftest men caught the most animals, and the swiftest animals got away from the most men; wherefore the slow animals were eaten and the slow men starved to death.
23. And as types were differentiated the weaker types continually disappeared.
24. And the earth was filled with violence; for man strove with man, and tribe with tribe, whereby they killed off the weak and foolish and secured the survival of the fittest.

According to a 2007 Pew Forum, nearly a majority (48%) of U.S. Christian-based religions believe in Darwinian evolution (Theistic Evolutionists / Christian Darwinists), the Big Bang, and the 4.5 billion year age of the earth. In descending order, the categorical percentages are as follows: Unaffiliated Christian (72%); Catholic (58%); Mainline Protestant (51%); Historical Black Protestant (38%); Evangelical Protestant (24%); Mormon (22%); Jehovah's Witnesses (8%).

Many Christians who support Darwinian evolution say that we should not use Genesis as a scientific text, since it was written in a pre-scientific age. However, Genesis was written by God *through* man, not *by* man. God did not have to live in a "scientific age" in order to give His scientific historical account of His creation.

God *is* the origin of science.

Those that believe in theistic Darwinian evolution call their belief "enlightenment". I propose that believing in evolution is not enlightenment at all. I propose that believing in evolution is deception. It began long before Darwin, present in the naturalistic / humanistic world view of so many heathen cultures, and has continued to deceive mankind right into the 21st century. God's Biblical Creation, as scientifically and historically recorded in Genesis, is the New Enlightenment.

As someone who has worked with science and technology my entire adult life (Nobel prize-winning fields of lasers and holography), and as an elected member of Sigma-Pi-Sigma (Physics Honor Society), I will close with my own, personal, definition of science:

"Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
-- Frank DeFreitas

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Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Transcript Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Transcript

Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Transcript (File Size 95k): Here is a downloadable transcript of the complete 1875 Genesis-Darwin Microfilm slide. It also includes a transcription of the first chapter of the first book of Moses, Genesis. You may freely print and distribute as many copies as you need.

Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Definitions Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Definitions

Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Definitions (File Size 76k): This list of terms and definitions is a supplement to the 1875 Genesis-Darwin microfilm rewrite of the book of Genesis. It contains a list of terms that may be helpful to the lay person, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. You may freely print and distribute as many copies as you need.


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