The Beauty of God's Word

1611 King James Bible Genesis Title Page

Two of the most highly sought-after items in the world of antiquarian books: 1611 first edition King James Pulpit Bible title pages to Genesis AND Revelation.

microscopic and nano scripture

A 3D laser hologram of an ancient clay tablet that records a global flood. Is this the flood of Noah in Genesis?

Meteorites and Micro fossils from the week of Creation

Microscopes display meteorites (Allende) and micro fossils (Stromatolites) from the week of Creation.

Neumann Microphones Berlin

PODCAST: Preserving the Holy Word of God in Space: Part One

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What you will see and learn ...

Lunar meteorite

Can you find fascination in seeing a rock from the moon? How about a microscopic slice of the oldest life known on Earth? Or a clay tablet from ancient Babylon detailing a great flood? Everything we see began with God's week of Creation, and there is certainly something for everyone in our "Genesis: The Beauty of God's Word" exhibit. One would have to travel to museums around the world to see all that we have in store for you. See how this first book of the Christian Bible has been visually represented through many different media. See Genesis title pages from various historical Bibles, including a rare 1611 first edition King James Bible, and a famous reproduction of the first Bible ever printed: the Gutenberg Bible.

earliest depiction of Noah's ArkAnother interesting Bible page, from the 1500's, shows one of the earliest depictions of Noah's Ark. View a 3D laser hologram of a Sumerian clay tablet (1,740 B.C.) that tells the story of a world-wide destructive flood, along with an early Hebrew scroll that tells the flood story that we are all familiar with. And speaking of the great flood, we also have a sample of wood brought back from the famous 1969 S.E.A.R.C.H. expedition to the 14,000 foot level of Mount Ararat. Examine this splinter of wood under a 3D stereoscopic microscope and see that the fibers are actually filled with black pitch (as stated in the Bible). View a 3D stereo lenticular recording of the famous dinosaur / man foot tracks from the Paluxy River bed in Glen Rose, Texas. Did dinosaurs and man walk the earth at the same time? And last, but certainly not least: View Stromatolite fossils from the famous Strelley Pool formation, the world-famous Allende meteorite, and a real piece of the moon under microscopes. "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth" and we look forward to telling the fascinating stories behind all of these exhibit items, and providing the resources necessary for further learning and investigation. We would love to present to you! Call us at: (484) 387-5320. Our home base is Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Holograms: Light and the Word of God

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Darwin vs Genesis Microfilm.
Exclusive: An extremely rare piece of microfilm from 1875 shows the intent of Darwin evolutionists to rewrite and replace Biblical Genesis. A recent acquisition of the Wonders of the Bible collection. LEARN MORE...

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