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Collection. Exhibit. Learning Experience.

We have assembled one of the finest and most unique Biblical- based collections in the world today. Wonders of the Bible has 3-D, lasers, holograms, micro, nano, space, scripture, dinos, Noah's flood, fossils, and much more. It is truly the world's greatest traveling show of Christian marvels.

Hello. My name is Frank DeFreitas ... and my wife is Debi.

Throughout history, artists, scientists and technicians have proclaimed Jesus Christ through their God-given talents in their respective fields. Our Wonders of the Bible collection celebrates these achievements through world-renown examples of visual arts, science and communication technologies: past, present ... and future.

We are currently (2018) building this web site to be of assistance to students, educators, and other collectors: to better understand how various imaging science and technology methods have been applied to Christian content.

Many of our exhibit items are either very rare or one of a kind. If an item is one of a kind, that means that no one else in the entire world has it. Not even the mightiest of museums. Our goal is to have you see (and learn about) things that you have never seen before ... and may never see again. Wonders of the Bible includes the following topical areas:

* 3-D Laser Holograms

* World's Smallest Scripture and Art
Including our collection of the world's smallest Lord's Prayer(s)

* Rare Bible Leaves

* Genesis and Creation

* Noah's Ark

* Antique 19th Century Stereographs

* The Shroud of Turin

* Rembrandt Etchings: Life of Christ

We would love to visit your church, school or home school group.
No group is too large or too small. We have been at both large museums and small gatherings in homes. We serve all of eastern PA (Philly, Lehigh Valley, Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton), New Jersey (north and south), New York City (and all surrounding boroughs and counties), Delaware, Maryland and DC. Some of our recent events include: The Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; The New York Hall of Science, New York City, New York; The Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas; The Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.; Creation Celebration Conference 2017 and 2018, Newark, Delaware; Scientific and Biblical Creationist Fellowship, Newark, Delaware; Ephrata Mennonite School, Ephrata, Pennsylvania; New York Microscopical Society, Clinton, New Jersey ... and more. We would love to visit with you! We stand firmly on Biblical creationism, inerrancy, perspicuity and authority. θεόπνευστος (theopneustos): "God-breathed."

Call us at: (484) 387-5320 or email: director@wondersofthebible.org

Did THOMAS EDISON Create the World's Smallest Handwritten Lord's Prayer?...

They say seeing is believing ... Thomas Edison's incredible microscopic *handwritten* Lord's Prayer. Once thought lost to history, rediscovered in 2018! GO...

Our prayer: "Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing and guiding our work. May it bring honor to Your name. May it inspire other Christians in their walk. May it reach and convict the perishing of this world, and help lead them to salvation. Amen."

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