The Life of Jesus Christ:

In the Laboratory

Holograms are recorded by lasers

3D Holograms are recorded in laser laboratories and provide the most realistic imaging in the world today

the latest Shroud of Turin research

See firsthand the latest Shroud of Turin imaging research with laser holograms and 3D lenticulars.

Etchings of the life of Christ by world-renowned artist Rembrandt

View selected copper plate etchings of the life of Christ by the world-renowned artist Rembrandt.

Neumann Microphones Berlin

PODCAST: Preserving the Holy Word of God in Space: Part One

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What you will see and learn ...

The Great Chalice of Antioch

We step into the 21st century and beyond with our "Life of Jesus Christ: In the Lab" exhibit. We present to you the most advanced imaging technologies in the world today. Lasers, holograms and various other multi- dimensional media lead the way as we look at events and artifacts surrounding the life and times of our Lord and Savior. Included from our own laser laboratory are 3D holographic renderings of the Chalice of Antioch, and a 1st century Christian clay jar. We do not neglect the past either ... as we include other imaging methods with etchings from the world-famous artist Rembrandt. Examples of antique 3D stereographs and stereo lenticulars help round out a complete history of how the life of Jesus Christ has been cherished and celebrated by millions for centuries. We offer a special display for the Shroud of Turin, featuring the world-famous "Face in the Shroud" laser hologram. Whether or not you believe that the Shroud is the actual burial cloth of Jesus, it remains the most scientifically investigated artifact in world history. Enjoy a 15-foot reproduction of the Shroud. We include our own laser holographic Shroud of Turin research: investigating how the mysterious fibers can be recorded as 3-dimensional laser holograms, duplicated, then sent to labs around the world for stereo 3D microscopic examination (a method which earned us an invited presentation to the New York Microscopical Society in 2017). We look forward to telling the fascinating stories behind all of these exhibit items, and providing the resources necessary for further learning and investigation. We would love to present to you! Call us at: (484) 387-5320. Our home base is Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Holograms: Light and the Word of God

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