Holotelegraphy: Genesis DNA

Holographic images that communicate via modulated laser light.

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Laser Communication Technology

Holographic images that communicate through free space via an amplitude modulated laser reconstruction.

OFFICAL DEFINITION: Holotelegraphy (holotelegraphics) are terms I've coined for 3D laser holograms that communicate with the viewer (May 2014). The system utilizes: (1) a laser transmitter, which encodes a message into an optical signal, (2) a channel, which carries the signal to its destination (a hologram), and (3) a receiver, which reproduces the message emitted from the resulting modulated holographic image.

Publishing Notes
Original 8 May 2014
Update 30 Jul 2018

Hello visitor, this is Frank DeFreitas. I welcome you to my page made specifically for what I have termed 'holotelegraphy', or 'holotelegraphics'. Many people did not fully understand the concept back in 2014. But as time goes on, more and more are understanding that holograms do not have to be images that require a separate mode of communication (such as external audio). With holotelegraphy, the light of the holographic image ITSELF can be the source of communication. It was (and still remains) one of my most exciting projects in my lifetime working with lasers and holograms.

This method relies on a analog or digitally modulated laser, along with a 3-dimensional holographic image acting as the transmission beacon. In this particular instance, I have a laser transmission hologram of a DNA molecule, or gene. The modern-day terms "gene" and "genetic" are derived from the base word "genesis". Therefore, I decided to have it transmit the first verse of the first book of Moses, Genesis 1:1 -- "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth" (KJV).

The terms "gene" and "genetic" are derived from the root word "genesis" meaning "origins".

Also, the first telegraphy transmission by Samuel Morse stated: "What hath God wrought?".

When scientists working with the double helix molecule looked for a name, they turned to the book of Genesis, and decided on gene and genetics.

Keep in mind that unlike many other "talking holograms" you may come across (if indeed they are holograms, in many cases they are not), this method does not rely on a separate audio chipset from the hologram. In my experimentation the holographic image ITSELF transmits the information. If you block the receiver from the holographic image, the signal is no longer received. As mentioned above, also keep in mind that there are many instances today where something is termed a hologram, but really is not part of holographic technology at all (at least as far as Dr. Dennis Gabor's Nobel Prize-winning holography in physics is concerned).

It is very important to note that the holographic images do not necessarily have to be a three-dimensional image. Not all holograms are 3D. Nor does it have to be a laser transmission hologram. This technique works with microholograms containing text and / or 2D / 3D images. It can also work with white light reflection holograms when illuminated with either white light or a modulated narrow-band LED. In fact, there are several alternate methods that exist, and each can be applied to match a given set of requirements.

The DNA hologram in the above video is a REAL hologram, and it is being reconstructed with a modulated signal from a laser. It is most important to note that the holographic image ITSELF performs the transmission of the Morse code.

-- Frank DeFreitas

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Holograms: Light and the Word of God

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