Ancient Investigations:
The Shroud and Chalice

World Maker Faire New York 2018

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"Learning is *much* more interesting when you are doing something hardly anyone else in the world is doing!"

Students prepare to record a three dimensional laser hologram with Frank DeFreitas in Jacksonville, Florida.
(above photo): Student members of one of my many "H.I.T. Squad" classes over the past years (Holographic Investigative Technologies).

Hello, my name is Frank DeFreitas, and my wife is Debi ...

Last year at 2017 World Maker Faire we were asked many times if we would return next year. Well, we are happy to say that we will be back again in 2018!

For over 35 years, and now retired, my life-long passion has been to bring lasers and holography out of the professional laboratories and into the hands of students, educators, amateurs and enthusiasts.

See us at Maker Faire!

At this 2018 New York World Maker Faire, we return once again with a very unique application: investigating the world-famous SHROUD OF TURIN, and the GREAT CHALICE OF ANTIOCH.

Taking lasers and holography around the world.

Utilizing the information that we provided in our Make Magazine Issue #25 Primer, we then built out the DIY system to provide professional level 3-dimensional holograms. YOU can make *museum-quality* holograms right in your own home or school.

Shroud of Turin
(above photo): Frontal view of 3D lenticular image of the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin

Regardless of what one concludes about the world-famous Shroud of Turin, the fact remains that it is the most scientifically studied ancient artifact in world history. Many of the current technologies that are in everyday use today began back with their involvement with examining the Shroud. At World Maker Faire 2018, we will be exhibiting our own laser holographic proof-of-concept results, along with featuring holographic work from world-famous holography laboratories. All utilizing similar methods as our Make Magazine Issue #25 DIY Primer article.

Frank DeFreitas with the world-famous 3D laser hologram Face in the Shroud.
(above photo): Here I am with the world-famous 3D laser hologram "Face in the Shroud", produced at the renowned Dutch Holographic Laboratories.

EXCLUSIVE #1! Perhaps nothing is more misunderstood than when the term "3D hologram" is applied in conjunction with the Shroud of Turin image. Some 3D images are holograms, but the vast majority are not. We will be exhibiting the REAL, world-famous, "Face in the Shroud" laser hologram by the team of Dr. Petrus Soons. This hologram was produced by world-renowned holographer Dr. Walter Spierings of Dutch Holographic Laboratories. Holography is a Nobel prize-winning field of physics, and has been my own area of expertise for over 35 years. My web site was honored to be used as a laser and holography educational link for the shroud3D hologram project web site.

Shroud of Turin Holograms
(above photo): Proof-of-concept: Holograms can be made of the Shroud of Turin fabric, duplicated, then sent for 3D visual examination around the world … without ever touching the actual Shroud.

Proof-of-concept: Currently, the Shroud is a limited resource for scientists. Access for physical examination is heavily restricted, and likely to remain so. Visual examination relies on traditional photographic documentation. I propose that the non-destructive recording of REAL laser 3D holograms of linen fibers could provide an opportunity to break this long-held scientific and technological investigative barrier. Forensic laser holography would provide a non-destructive way for investigators to study the Shroud in true three-dimensional fidelity, since holograms store an actual volume of space. As such, holograms exhibit true depth-of-field, unlike more traditional stereoscopic methods of "3D". This work was presented, by invitation, to the New York Microscopical Society in the Fall of 2017.

Frank DeFreitas with authentic Secondo Pia albumen photograph of the Shroud of Turin in Torino, Italy, 1898.

EXCLUSIVE #2! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the commemorative albumen photograph of the Shroud of Turin, from the original 1898 glass plate negative of photographer Secondo Pia. This is the photograph that started it all, taken on May 28, 1898 during an exhibition of the Shroud. Photography (the capture and storage of photons) was still very much in its scientific and technical developmental years. This was also one of the first photo shoots to be illuminated by the relatively new (and improved) incandescent electric light bulbs of Thomas Edison. Exposures were made with Secondo Pia's large-format camera, onto photographic glass plates. Secondo Pia was a MAKER! See exactly what Pia saw in his personal photography darkroom. Commissioned and authentic, the photo still has its official 19th century authentication seal intact, along with ecclesiastical authority signatures. If you are a Shroud of Turin enthusiast, don't miss this ... from the beginnings of photography to 3D laser holograms!

All objects on exhibit will be supplemented with QR code downloadable MP3 audio commentary, so bring your QR code enabled smart phones with you.

"There is absolutely no doubt that the Shroud of Turin contains a 3-dimensional image encoded into the very fibers of the cloth." -- Frank DeFreitas

World Maker Faire 2018.

But that's not all...

The Great Chalice of Antioch

The Great Chalice of Antioch
(above photo): Proof-of-concept: Holograms can be made of ancient museum artifacts, duplicated, then sent anywhere in the the world.

The Antioch Chalice is currently in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. We will exhibit our 3D prototype laser hologram of the Great Chalice for all to see. It has a fascinating story, and was at one time considered the true Holy Grail. In fact, many still believe that it is, and say that a preponderance of evidence still supports it.

Holograms can contain information about the object that may not be of any importance at first examination, but which become of vital importance later in investigative research. 3D laser holograms will provide an unprecedented opportunity to extract visual information far beyond the limitations of traditional photography.

Holograms have a quality that is not shared by ANY other 3D imaging media: SPATIAL depth of field. This means that the field depth is reconstructed within a VOLUME of space. The empty space between objects actually exists. Details that are out of focus can be brought in to focus ... just as if the physical 3D object(s) were being examined. And, remember, that this 3D VOLUME of SPACE (and all objects recorded within it) is stored within a *2D* media.

"Laser holograms can take the place of real objects under the 3D stereo microscope. They even exhibit true depth of field!" -- Frank DeFreitas

Debi DeFreitas with exhibit.

-- Frank DeFreitas
Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Lasers, Holography and Photonics Primer: Here is a great PDF student study guide that you can read and / or download to help with your understanding of lasers, optics, and holography. It also contains history and bios of some of the early researchers in the field. You may use it for homework assignments. Please give credit to holoworld.

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This self-paced, online class is designed for students / educators who wish to learn the basics of making REAL laser holograms. You will receive essentially the same instructional information as my holography workshops at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. With over 3 hours of various media, you will receive a brief history, explore practical applications, review basic concepts and theory, and acquire methods and best practices of making holograms. Carefully. Methodically. Correctly.

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