World's Smallest Scripture:

Biblical Micro and Nano Technologies

Hologram Bible

The entire King James Bible is stored via laser on a nano-info hologram the size of a common snowflake.

microscopic and nano scripture

Everyone -- of all ages -- enjoys looking through the microscopes at scripture that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Microscopes on tables set-up

Microscopes containing the world's smallest scripture and Biblical art wait for visitors to arrive.

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What you will see and learn ...

The world's smallest Bible

Our "Micro and Nano Technology" table top exhibits are very popular with all ages. Can you imagine Biblical scripture and art work that is so small that it cannot be seen by the human eye? We believe that our "Wonders of the Bible" collection contains the most incredible microscopic and nano technology scripture in the world today ... along with the world's largest collection of micro Lord's Prayers.

It's not too often, in today's world, where one can see something that they have never seen before. We often hear audience members saying "I've never seen anything like this" or "That's impossible, where is it?". When they look through the microscopes, it makes us so happy to know that we are able to have people experience scripture in ways that they have never experienced it before. For instance, the Lord's Prayer has been used as a reference standard, to show advancements in miniaturization, for over 150 years!

I would be remiss if I did not mention just how much influence scripture has had on modern-day science and technology. For instance, micro and nano circuits of today's computers, began with the invention of micro photography in the mid-1800's. And microphotography began with Biblical scripture.

Microphotography from the 1800's led to data storage media such as microfilm, which then eventually led to micro photo lithography of computer memory chips and circuitry that you are using right at this very moment. The Lord's Prayer, the Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments were all famous microphotographs that could not be seen by the unaided human eye. They could only be read under microscopes. Although they were thought of as a novelty at the time, micro scripture ultimately led to 20th century satellites and space exploration. Today, in the 21st century, we have scripture traveling on laser beams, and being stored with nanotechnology such as three dimensional holograms.

Along with my wife Debi, we volunteer our time and services to help spread the good news to the public through visits with churches, organizations, fairs, and conferences. In total we have reached thousands of people, from all walks of life, from all age groups, and from all around the world.

We look forward to telling the fascinating stories behind all of these exhibit items, and providing the resources necessary for further learning and investigation. We would love to present to you! Call us at: (484) 387-5320. Our home base is Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Visitors to Wonders of the Bible

Wonders of the Bible: Our Prayer

Our prayer: "Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing and guiding our work. May it bring honor to Your name. May it inspire other Christians in their walk. May it reach and convict the perishing of this world, and help lead them to salvation. Amen."